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28.02.2004 04:03:18 PM - nicole
on the way to inle lake   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3838.JPG
28.02.2004 04:03:33 PM - nicole
So we moved on to Nyaungshwe, were beautiful and impressive Inle Lake lies. The journey took another 10 hours. I liked the village from the moment we entered. It has something clean, neat and friendly. Together with a guy we met on the bus (Tim from Belguim), we arranged a boat trip on the lake. This way we could share the costs and he seemed to be a nice and interesting person. The boat trip was fantastic. We got up real early to be ahead of the tourist crowd and enjoy the mystic atmosphere on the lake in the early morning, when there is still some fog on the surface of the water. The sight was real stunning - it made up for the early rising (5 am!!!)
Our boat driver / guide brought us to many different places: villages built on water, a floating garden, market, monastery surrounded by water - it was an on-and-off the boat all day. Everything was all impressive for us, it all looked so perfect and idyllic. People live like 100 years ago. Sometimes I had the impression they just put it up all for us. It is a very touristic place, but the villages and tribes and their techniques have been there for a long time. Now they have additionally just have show rooms where they amaze us with their way of life. We spent the whole day on the boat - from sunrise to sunset. This way we could avoid spending the USD 3 government taxes (admission fee for lake).
28.02.2004 04:05:41 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3877.JPG   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3878.JPG
28.02.2004 04:07:22 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3900.JPG   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3931.JPG
28.02.2004 04:08:20 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3944.JPG   6 AM on the lake
28.02.2004 04:09:10 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3972.JPG   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF3989.JPG
28.02.2004 04:12:00 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4015.JPG   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4016.JPG
28.02.2004 04:13:45 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4165.JPG   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4058.JPG
28.02.2004 04:15:15 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4082.JPG   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4104.JPG
28.02.2004 04:16:29 PM - nicole
Floating garden   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4122.JPG
28.02.2004 04:17:57 PM - nicole
Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4207.JPG   12 hours later: sunset
28.02.2004 04:18:49 PM - nicole
new hat   Myanmar-InleLake-DSCF4218.JPG
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