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18.09.2005 07:01:12 AM - nicole
China-Kashgar-Xinjian-DSCF4275.JPG   KASHGAR
From Urumqi it took us a long 28 hours by bus to Kashgar. The name of this city always sounded so exotic to me, so oriental. Wandering around the old town is like stepping into another world in another time: narrow streets, simple adobe houses with their beautiful courtyards, streets full of hammering metalworkers, food stands selling mutton kebabs and dumplings, chickpeas with carrots and our beloved bread. The market streets have a bustling atmosphere, selling everything from delicious fruits to knives, carpets and silks. There is an ethnic mix of Uighurs, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbeks and Han Chinese. Zou see many women with headscarfs, some even hide their whole faces behind brown gauze, which is a strange sight at first. The plaza in front of the Id Kah Mosque is a great place for people watching and taking in the exotic atmosphere.
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