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15.03.2005 07:47:06 PM - nicole
Sao Paulo is really huge, it's like several cities packed in one. It didn't feel very safe walking around, even at day time. Police everywhere, armed looking ready for war. Our hotel room though was splendid. It was so clean and comfortable, whenever I entered the room, I wanted to kiss the floor, it was so shiny and clean. And we even had a buffet breakfast, getting up was totally worthwile.   Brazil-Sao Paulo-DSCF9335.JPG
15.03.2005 07:48:18 PM - nicole
Brazil-Sao Paulo-DSCF9377.JPG   Brazil-Sao Paulo-DSCF9385.JPG
15.03.2005 07:49:07 PM - nicole
Brazil-Sao Paulo-DSCF9343.JPG   Brazil-Sao Paulo-DSCF9361.JPG
15.03.2005 07:50:17 PM - nicole
Brazil-Sao Paulo-DSCF9372.JPG   In Sao Paulo there is a small China town, wandering around there reminded us how much we like Asia.
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